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Fred Manning receives Region 14 Service Award from AHS
CONGRATULATION Fred Manning on a well deserved award. You can read the nomination letter in the Region 14 newsletter (page 11) at this link http://www.ahsregion14.org/The%20Dixie%20Daylily%20Summer-Fall%202014%20RGB.pdf (copy and paste in browser)
Bill Munson Hybridizer's Award Winner- James Hall
CONGRATULATION James Hall on winning the Bill Munson Hybridizer's Award - Region 12 Spring Regional Meeting 2014


Jun. 10, 2014
fertilizer/fungicide group buy
If anyone that did not get any of the products would still like to buy some there is products available. The only thing not available is the 50 lb bag of Nutricote and the 4.7 gal of Nature's Source (Daniel's Plant Food) but the smaller sizes in those are. Email or call (info on contact page) if you need some and it can be picked up at James Hall's home.
Sep. 26, 2014
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Bill Munson Hybridizer's Award Winner- James Hall

Welcome to the Pensacola Daylily Club Website


The Pensacola Daylily Club welcomes your interest and encourages you to learn about the flowers that we consider to be the queen of the garden by following our links. Our organization is dedicated to having fun and developing interest in daylilies. There are over 76,000 cultivars in existence today and many more are added each year.

The Pensacola Daylily Club is recognized by the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) and is a member of AHS Region 12. .

We have monthly meetings from September through June each year. Our meetings are held in the Pensacola Garden Center, 1850 N 9th Ave., Pensacola, FL 32503 on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 PM. .

Whether you have been digging daylilies for years or are just getting started, we hope you enjoy the web site and will join us at an upcoming meeting. All daylily fans are welcome!